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To: John Doe <john@acme.org>

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Dead-simple autocomplete.


Search through your templates.

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And get the same smart autocomplete.


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  • Type h and press Tab
  • Type kr then press Tab
  • Press Ctrl + Space

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Create custom &
personalized templates

Do you find yourself writing the same answers to common questions? Templates allow you to answer common questions in just a second.

You can even use custom variables such as the recipient's first name to personalize your messages.

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Insert templates quickly
with keyboard shortcuts

Templates can be associated with a keyboard shortcut. To insert a template, you just need to type its shortcut and press TAB.

Can’t remember your shortcut? You can also insert them directly from your email client.

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Share templates with
your team

Having team members writing the same responses is both time consuming and tedious. Gorgias Templates has template sharing and syncing, so everyone is on the same page.

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Gorgias enables our customer support to keep its high quality regardless of the growth of our customer base. I fully recommend it.

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